70 is the new 50

Is it really true that 70 is the new 50? Well, at a fitness studio in Edinburgh , which is Personal Training led, a group of their clients in their 70s certainly believe it as they are able to keep up with the best of them, with workouts using a variety of equipment including the Power Plate, kettlebells and free weights.

The intense training sessions, which last only 25mins each time has helped Alison with her hip replacement, Patricia cope with her rare bone condition and Alex get on the ski slopes with his teenage grandkids - proving how an active life definitely doesn’t stop after retirement.

Alison's story

Alison Jack, Edinburgh, 70 explains:  ‘Working out is the one thing I always make time to do both before and after my hip replacement 7yrs ago.

'I heard by word of mouth about this amazing, Personal Training centre, FITNESS STUDIO EH1 and decided to give it a go and have never looked back.

'I love that it is Personal Training led and the sessions last 25mins, which is the biggest appeal. Also, it has a great community atmosphere, it really doesn’t feel like any other gym I’ve ever been in, which can often be intimidating especially if you are a bit older and on your own.

'The staff are all so warm and welcoming and make working out a real pleasure. I really look forward to my workouts especially as the Trainers always know how much to push me, whilst taking into account that my hip some days isn’t always the strongest and can be a little stiff, but that never holds me back as I know how amazing I will feel after it.

'Some days I am more tired than others but the beauty of this studio is that you can do as much or as little as you wish.

‘It is important at any age to exercise but especially as you get into retirement age as things naturally slow down a bit. I love keeping fit and healthy and still being able to do the things I enjoy. I really believe that if I wasn’t doing this then I would be less able to move around and certainly not living my life to the full in the way I am now. I certainly believe that 70 is the new 50.'

Patricia's Story

Patricia Mackenzie, 74 is a retired occupational therapist

‘Due to the onset of a rare bone condition I had to give up all sports, however the incredible re-hab team came to my rescue and slowly, over a period of time I have returned to feeling full of life again.

'The method of exercising at the fitness studio e1 has definitely helped me both physically and mentally. My short fast sessions on the Power Plate, using various items of equipment,  is a great way to tone and maintain muscle strength, and  general levels of fitness in the whole body. I always leave the studio with a buzz and feeling great. It can be hard work but fun too.

'There is always a great ambience and community-feel about the studio which I really enjoy and is probably why I look forward to going so much. I know if I didn’t exercise I would be more tired and limited to what I could do which is why I won’t be hanging up my trainers quite yet.’

Alex's story

Alex Hammond-Chambers, Edinburgh, 71 is owner of Alex Hammond-Chambers, a financial services business. 

‘Feeling healthy and being as active is something I put down to working out regularly.  It was important for me to find somewhere to workout that would tailor sessions according to my age and fitness level. At Fitness Studio E1 they do just that, they are passionate, personable and push you but at the same time know your limitations.

'It is different from other gym workouts but also because it is all based on Personal Training led sessions using Power Plates, making it a very efficient way to exercise and get fit.

'Doing these sessions at the studio for the last five years has allowed me to continue to do many of the things I enjoy, including golfing and more importantly keep up with my grandchildren on the ski slopes! I definitely believe that 70 is the new 50.'

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