About me

This page is about me. My name is Tessa Simpson and I’m having as much fun now as I have ever had in my life and it’s all thanks to the new website

Where the idea came from.

Last summer I kept meeting business colleagues and friends who were bemoaning the fact that they were coming up to retirement age, or been forced into early retirement or redundancy and hated the idea of becoming invisible. They dreaded the thought of no longer contributing to society as they had energy, ideas and experience to spare.

In September 2012 I decided I was coasting with work and needed a new challenge. I asked myself what would be the most difficult thing I could do and decided that building a website from scratch would take some beating. That’s how www.itsnever2late2.com came about. 

Getting started

It’s been a huge learning curve and it’s encouraging to know that my brain is still capable of absorbing new information.I’ve had a great feeling of satisfaction when I've made a breakthrough in my understanding of the complex business of web building. 

Getting back into work

Creating this website has been the culmination of many years’ experience of working with people in a variety of situations. I studied psychology at University as a mature student before becoming Marketing and Public Relations Manager with a new leisure group.

Being involved from the very beginning, realising that I was making a worthwhile contribution helped me regain my confidence after years of bringing up children and having part-time jobs to fit with their schedule. 

The Businesswomen's Clubs

When my marriage broke down I moved from Aberdeen to Glasgow with my job, - knowing no one. I had been involved in setting up a Business women’s group in Aberdeen and I looked for something similar in Glasgow, but couldn't find it. So after contacting women in different sectors we arrange to meet and discuss the idea, which was enthusiastically received.

After two meetings all 12 of the new committee agreed to tell 5 other people and ask them to tell another 5. We held our first open evening and were amazed to find 150 women turn up, and so the West of Scotland Businesswomen’s Club was formed. I was so lucky to find such wonderful enthusiastic women wanting to work together.

One year later the East of Scotland’s businesswomen’s club was formed and again I was asked to become President. Two years after that - by which time a number of other clubs had been formed throughout Scotland - the Association of Scottish Businesswomen was launched and I was asked to be first President. We held annual conferences and Awards Dinners, rewarding and encouraging new and existing businesses.

Twenty years later I was asked to speak at the ESBC and talk about the history of the clubs. Afterwards the new president – in her early 30’s came up to me and asked how on earth we managed to get so many people to attend the first Glasgow meeting when we didn’t have Facebook or twitter?  Changed days.

Ongoing learning.

One thing about me is that I love learning new things and trying new experiences. After a few years I branched out into my own marketing and PR business and later started running  management and staff development seminars. After further training I branched out into career counselling on a one to one basis and outplacement work as part of a team. 

Having written on motivational and business issues for the UK press I was asked by The (Glasgow) Herald to become their ‘Agony Aunt’. As you can imagine I had a wide and varied postbag.  I also wrote a bi-weekly column on complimentary therapies. With my partner Tony we have written a number of business books including ‘A manager’s first 100 days’ published by CIPD – which was their number one bestseller, and also books on Networking.

While living in the South of England I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, having previously studied to become an NLP practitioner, Reiki Master and Colour Therapist - all areas that were of interest to me.

I feel embarrassed to have listed so much about me and what I have done, it seems like bragging, but hopefully it will give you an idea of the experience I can bring to some of the pages written on the website.

I see the website as a resource and hopefully an inspiration for browsers when they read what other people have achieved. The plan is for the website to become a forum for people 50+ with something to say and much to offer. This site is for those just starting a new phase, not closing down.

However the most gratifying part of this whole experience has been the generosity and enthusiasm of friends and strangers alike who have willingly written articles and shown great enthusiasm for the ethos of the website. Already I am receiving hundreds of hits daily, from all over the world and I feel 20 years younger!

For more information contact Tessa Simpson, 07768 586383. Email itsntlt@gmail.com


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