Beware the wheelchair racers

by Kenny Evans

Tenerife in January. Los Christianos with its great beaches and level promenade is marketed as a great place for people in wheelchairs. I am all for that. However when you seem to have hundreds of them, most motorised chairs which seem to be driven at great speed, it starts to get dangerous for mere walkers.

Stepping out of a shop or restaurant you can be run over by speeding drivers whizzing past your toes - or over them - on occasion.Their speed seems to increase as they go down hill and it is a surprise that they manage to stop at the bottom.

There are also the convoys. Where two or more wheelchairs travel beside each other taking up the full width of the promenade. Heaven help someone trying to pass.

I can understand this is revenge for all the times wheel chair drivers have been inconvenienced by thoughtless authorities who donĀ“t put in ramps and make life difficult for them. However I think I might join them next time, hire a mark one chair and get into the race

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