Don't judge me by my age.

by Peter Jones
(South Wales)

I went to the gym to join up the other week. I was 65 last month and decided to keep my fitness regime up. I cycle in a fairly serious way and play tennis so I am in pretty good shape, but in the winter months I felt I couldn't do as much, especially with all the rain.

I filled in the form and handed it to the receptionist. Before she looked at it she suggested that if I wanted to register online I would get a better deal. Then she looked at the form, saw my age and she started talking to me more slowly and loudly and asked if I knew how to use a computer and would I be able to work out how to register online. Well! Was I mad! I still run my own financial services business, I have been told I don't look my age and I was certainly able to hear and understand what she was saying before she read my form.

She may be young (about 21) but surely she has the common sense to know when someone is compos mentis and not talk to them as if they were senile. I took back the form and tore it up. I will go somewhere else where I won't be judged by age alone.

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