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The Kids Bee Happy Children’s Franchise Package

For this exercise we are looking at an inexpensive franchise case study.

Firstly what is the business? Click on the video to find out more.

Ann and Joanna's St Albans Franchise

Franchise case study of Mother and daughter team Ann and Joanna-Marie. They had long dreamed of going into business together and were thrilled to come across Kids Bee Happy at a franchise opportunity exhibition.

The start-up costs seemed reasonable and the activity looked both fun and easy to operate. A few weeks later they signed up.

Ann said: “Our very first booking was at a prep school with 70 little boys from the ages of 4 to 11 creating their sand art pictures! It was a challenge but proved great fun and went really well.

“Right from the beginning the franchise back-up has been brilliant. The initial package included a generous amount of materials and the friendly training and guidance gave us confidence.

“ But we still had the freedom to build our own business in a style to suit us and our local area. As with any venture you get out what you put in. We have been hectic at times but have also had great flexibility to work the business to fit our lifestyle - no boss to answer to but ourselves!”

Joanna-Marie said: “I take care of all our online marketing while Mum focuses on more traditional ways of letting people know about us. We have our own website, facebook page and twitter account which have been great for keeping people up to date with our public appearances and displaying photos of our events as well as for keeping in touch with contacts in our area.

“We have also succeeded in getting newspaper articles published both when we launched the business and again a few months later when we ran a competition

Ann said: “For example on Jubilee weekend. We were booked on all four days for big events. We achieved our earnings for each day but also got bookings for ongoing private parties.

“We have a base price of £4 a picture which is both affordable for parents and sufficient to give us a good return after allowing for materials and costs. At events we offer a discount price for more than one child doing a picture which increases turnover. “

In this franchise case study they are still in their first year in business the pair have networked and built excellent working relationships with local venues. They hold regular workshops at Butterfly World, a major family attraction in their area as well as in hotels, pubs and coffee shops. Private bookings that have come from these include birthday parties, Christenings, a brownie pack fun day and an after-school club.

“We have also been asked to support a number of charity events and is great to be able to give something back to the community in this way,” added Ann.

David Shulkind

Franchise case study 2. David was Kids Bee Happy’s first franchisee – he applied the same day as their first franchise recruitment advert went live, and he started his franchise covering the Bury and Salford territories less than 30 days later.

As their earliest adopter David has seen the most change and development in the Kids Bee Happy brand and franchise.

Turning Mentor

David then took all of his Kids Bee Happy experiences and has now turned mentor. He communicates daily by phone, on the forum and in emails with franchisees all over the country, and in particular with new franchisees. David is quite happy to share his experiences of his low’s and how he’s managed to turn it around by taking the support and help on offer.

At a Glance

Total startup investment of £2,495+VAT

Low monthly marketing support fees - £50 per month

All Equipment, and initial Stock and Materials provided in the startup investment - No additional payments required at startup.

Franchise support, training and coaching provided at startup

Ongoing support and coaching provided for the duration of your franchise

Flexible opportunity

No monthly or annual royalties, management fees, or profit or sales fees payable.

Straightforward business perfect for first time business owners.

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