Free holiday in Australia?

Are you Looking for a way to escape the winter weather? 

Do you love animals?

Would you like a three month free holiday in Australia?

…… then read on, we might have just what you’re looking for.

I expect you have heard of House Swopping but have you heard of 'House and Pet Sitting' . This is another option for those of you that may feel like you need a bit of adventure and it is a low cost way of travelling. Based in Perth this is the opportunity for a free holiday in Australia.

Run by British expat, now Australian resident, Jan Riddell,  Allpet House sitters offering a fantastic opportunity to retirees from around the world to come to Perth in Western Australia.

‘We are looking for pet lovers (sitters) to house sit and look after the pets at the same time. It is a wonderful opportunity allowing you to have a free holiday in Australia.

'You get free accommodation for your services of looking after the pets and be in a vibrant and ever changing sunny city. All it costs is the airfare and you can live in Paradise for a few months of the Year.'

The summers are generally hot and dry making Perth a classic example of a Mediterranean climate with an average of 8.8 hrs of daily sunshine. Many of the lovely houses with pets have pools and are located close to the Ocean or the beautiful Swan River.’

Jan runs her pet sitting company based in Perth, Western Australia, which gives retirees the chance to spend up to 3 months in this beautiful  city in return for house sitting while the owner is on vacation.

Jan explains ‘retirees are hugely sought after as it is mostly Australian retirees who are holidaying and want to ensure their pet is kept at home and in their normal situation and not stressed with their owners being away. 

‘We know that sometimes a holiday abroad can be a daunting and costly experience.  By choosing to House / Pet Sit with All pet House sitters you gain more than just a free place to stay, you are staying in a home looking after a beloved Pet and really seeing what Perth has to offer and if you have family in Perth ; you can live close by and see the Grand Children grow up too.' 

Personal experiences

My partner and I love pets and always wanted to live in the sunshine by the sea- Our dream has come true ! This will be our third season of having a free holiday in Australia, in Perth with AllPets. All the houses have been superb very often with a pool and the pets have been a joy to live with.

The weather is glorious , sunshine every day !! - the hardest decision we have to make is whether we should go to the beach, fish off the Jetty in the Swan River or play lawn bowls ! The added bonus the accommodation is free and we are away from the Harsh British Winters !’

Bernie & Barbara from Essex

 ‘After 2 years we are still having fun looking after a variety of lovely pets, in stunning locations and beautiful homes.   It is like being on permanent holiday and it's a free holiday in Australia!"  

 David & Laura from Edinburgh 

We have many retirees that come out to Perth to House Sit rather than stay in the UK during the harsh winter months.   If you think that this could be an option for you or know someone who needs a fun vacation, maybe House Sitting is the ticket. or email

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