Have a purpose

When you get up in the morning do you look forward to the day and all that's ahead of you?

Do you have a purpose?

Do you think of all that's behind you and wish you could have it back?

Would you rather turn over and go back to sleep?

So many people whom I have met recently have talked about their changing priorities and their need to have a purpose.

Finding my new purpose

Recently I realised that the work I had been doing for the past few years was becoming less fulfilling and I had to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I recognised that I like to study and learn new things, practise the new skills until they became second nature to me, then move on to learn something new. I have always felt the need to have a purpose.

I studied psychology as a mature student and worked in marketing, public relations, management and motivational training, journalism – including 4 years as ‘agony aunt’ for the (Glasgow) Herald- career counselling and outplacement, and complementary therapies. So as you can see I have enjoyed a variety of jobs over the years.

The idea of winding down or taking early retirement is anathema to me. So I listed the things I didn't want to do such as work for someone else -after being self employed I think I am unemployable. I didn't want to continue doing the work I had been doing and asked myself what would be the most challenging thing I could do? Something that I had avoided so far. And I came up with social media and the web.

I didn't have a Facebook page, didn't go on twitter and had never designed a website. The argument being that I had sufficient friends whom I could meet with and talk to by phone or email. The need to push the barriers was there again for me and I grabbed it.

Feeling the excitement of a new project is great and, from the feedback of people I have talked to about this, I believe there is a value to what I am doing for other people too.

Find your new purpose

When we were 20 years old if someone said to us that we could sit back and do nothing for the next 30 years I wonder how most of us would react.There might be a feeling of liberation and joy - but over time boredom would set in, a feeling of dissatisfaction and a lack of purpose.

At 50+ we may be in the same situation, with another 30 years ahead of us.

This website will give insights from a variety of contributors on how they have found a purpose which is fulfilling and exciting.

However the main purpose of itsnever2late2 is to be interactive and encourage contributions, discussions and opinion

Also we are looking for you to share your experiences to help inspire others

Getting started

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Find new pastimes and pleasures.

Try something new.

Improve your relationships and release negative ones.

Volunteer your skills and experience for the benefit of others.

Have fun!

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