Health and wellbeing

From Pilates and Yoga to Nutrition and Kinesiology, from stress release to positive motivation,  we will explore ways and means of improving and retaining your health and wellbeing.

Ageing gracefully 

None of us are getting any younger. That’s something that we really can’t change, however we can do something about working to slow those signs of ageing. The saying ‘use it or lose it’ is very true with regard to our body.

In order for us to enjoy our life we need to be blessed with good health and work to ensure we keep as physically and mentally fit as we can. Working on our health and wellbeing will help us slow the ageing process and help us feel positive and fulfilled.

Factors that appear to help our health and wellbeing include:

The benefit of laughter

In addition to preventing heart disease, a good belly laugh increases the activity of disease fighting cell, reduces levels of stress-related hormones, dulls pain and releases endorphins - feel-good chemicals.

Listening to music

Music has a therapeutic effect, lessens anxiety and reduces the levels of stress related hormone cortisol. Music can also lower blood pressure and reduce arthritis pain. Listening to familiar music that you enjoy will put you into a good mood.

Helping others

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, people who volunteer report greater life satisfaction and better physical health than non-volunteers. Adults over age 70 who volunteered 100 hours of their time a year reported less of a decline in health and lower levels of depression than non-volunteers.

Outdoor activities

You can boost your mood and self-esteem by getting involved in outdoor activities – even in our uncertain climate. Researchers at the University of Essex found that people who participated in outdoor activities were significantly less angry, depressed or tense. These could include walking, running, gardening and even bee keeping.

Mind-body exercise

Whether you chose meditation, yoga or tai chi or any of the other mind-body practices they help to balance the mind and body and bring a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Having a pet

People who share their lives with a pet are seen to experience less stress and have lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels than those who don’t.

You can talk to your pet without having to worry about what you are saying or be concerned about their response. They give unconditional love and even stroking a cat or dog has a therapeutic effect.

Help for older drivers - Sat nav with a twist!

 There was a discussion on BBC radio about a new satellite navigation programme being developed for older people. It should be able to work out a route from A to B that has no right turns across junctions or around roundabouts.

The company, during their research, had discovered that many older drivers will go miles out of their way to avoid these hazards which had given them the idea for this device.

Unfortunately the one thing this sat nav doesn't do is tell you, when you arrive, why you have gone there in the first place!


Is my memory going?

One of the things many of my friends talk about when they have failed to recall a name or walked out of a room to get something and forgotten what they were going for is the fear that these are symptoms of Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

As a friend who worked for Alzheimer’s Scotland reminded us, ‘if you have lost your car keys and have to hunt for them, when you find them you recognise them as the keys for your car. If you had Alzheimer’s you wouldn't even know that what you were holding was keys.

So for most of us the odd memory slip is just a natural part of getting older.

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