Interpersonal relationships

It's never too late to improve your interpersonal relationships.

Do you ever feel that your interpersonal relationships could be improved?

Are there unresolved family quarrels?

Are there friends who drain you?

Do you have to cope with negative comments?

Do you understand non-verbal communication?

Are you coping with a destructive relationship?

Do you want to make new friends?

Reassess your interpersonal relationships

Interpersonal relationships are complex and alter as you move through life, whether it’s work relationships, partnerships, parents, children or friends.

This may be the time to assess and improve interpersonal relationships now that you have reached a stage where they become even more important.

You may have recently left a job where your colleagues were as near as you had to close friendships. However with the best will in the world these relationships change as you move on to new things and they remain in the same place.

This is a time to improve these relationships, build new ones, release those that are long past their sell by date, and decide how you want to enjoy phase three of your lives.

We don't choose our family

We don’t choose our family, and whether we have close family links or warring factions, there is a bond that holds us together. It may be that it’s at a family funeral when we realise that old quarrels, the origins of which are often lost in the mists of time, should have been laid to rest years ago. Regret, at what was said or not said, can never then be resolved. Are there any issues that could still be discussed and fixed before it is too late?


Friendships on the other hand are chosen for a number of reasons. They may have begun in primary school, at work, or following a common interest. Over the years they change. Sometimes friendships are on an equal and supportive basis, however it can be that one friend takes the lead while the other one follows.

We all know the pairs of friends, girls or guys, where one is more attractive and has all the social success, and the plainer one who basks in the glory of the attractive one – or silently resents always being second choice.

Downbeat friends

However you may have a friend who makes you feel drained after being with them? Do they tell you all their problems but never ask about you? There comes a time when it’s necessary to ask yourself ‘if I have friends like that what am I getting out of the relationship?’

It may feel good to be the strong one and be grateful for the fact that you don’t have all their problems. However sometimes these friendships can become very negative and pull you down. It’s important to question their relevance. Is this a habit that you should break?

Having positive relationships gives you so much more energy and a feeling of well-being.

Destructive relationships.

If you have a family member, friend, boss or acquaintance who persistently makes you feel inadequate or bad about yourself through their words or actions, it is important to let them go emotionally - even if they continue being in your life physically. Follow the link to release destructive relationships.

Men and friendship.

While women find it easier to contact a female friend and arrange to meet for coffee and a chat this is something that many men find much more difficult.

For most men there needs to be a purpose to the call, meeting in order to do something, certainly not simply for a chat. Read one man's account of men and friendship.

If you want to read more about interpersonal relationships link to love relationship.

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