Life after death

is there life after death?

As a non-believer.

At this time I didn't believe in life after death. I couldn't stop crying. I had buried my mum that day – put my six year old son to bed and cried for the first time since her death. I went to bed thinking I would have a good cry then have a good sleep and feel better in the morning. 

My first message.

I cried and cried, then heard my mum’s voice very very clearly. She told me to stop crying – she wanted to talk to me. I didn’t believe in life after death at this time but strangely I didn’t feel afraid or surprised. Firstly she told me to give up modelling and look after my son as my first priority. Secondly she told me to go to the Spiritualist Church. Thirdly she asked me to tell my half-brother (who I had only met twice, that she did what she thought was best at the time. 

She told me not to be sad, that she was well and happy and glad to go. She talked quietly and firmly and incredibly I went to sleep.

When I woke up I remembered everything she said. It had indeed been her talking BUT I had never heard of the Spiritualist Church, didn't believe in life after death, and telling my brother what she had said did not make any sense to me.

I did give up my work for a while and now I so very glad that I did. I didn't see my brother for almost a year and when I told him what mum had said he was flabbergasted! He said he had wondered all his life about this and it put everything in perspective for him and to this day I have no idea what it was. 

The Spiritualist Church.

As for the Spiritualist Church – it all felt very weird to me. At this stage I didn't really believe in life after death. What is a Spiritualist Church? Where is it and what does it do?

I found the Glasgow Association Spiritualist Church and went that next Sunday with total trepidation. But surprise, surprise – I was met by lovely people who welcomed me with love and understanding – just ordinary people from all walks of life.

I sat at the back trying to hide. They sang a hymn, had a healing minute and then the medium gave messages from those who had passed over. I was sceptical but terribly impressed as everyone seemed happy to acknowledge the messages. Wow – was there really life after death?

I attended every Sunday and eventually I got a ‘message’ from a visiting London medium who told me my mum was saying she was glad I had listened to what she had said on the night of the funeral!

Becoming a spiritual medium.

Wow – all my doubts went at that moment – I had told no one about that! Suffice to say I was so intrigued. I studied and read everything I could and learned about the lovely philosophy, then joined a development circle and though practice I learned to contact those who had gone before.

I graduated to taking workshops, doing platform work, radio and TV and have never stopped developing my clairvoyance (yes I can see people!) and clairaudience (I hear what they are saying)

Messages offering proof.

During this time I had many instances of undeniable proof of spiritual communication.

I was doing a reading at church when I was in touch with a grandmother who had passed 23 years before. She showed me her laced up boots with steel bands on them. When I told the recipient what I was seeing she confirmed how her grandmother wore surgical specially made boots exactly as I had described. 

Once, on telling a gentleman his mother was telling me he was born in Falkirk – he vehemently denied this and said he had been born in Glasgow. His mother (who had passed 6 years previously) told him to go and check. I saw him about 4 months later and he had indeed been born in Falkirk. All his life he thought Glasgow and his dead mother verified that he was not born there. Certainly shows the message was not mind reading. 

I was asked to try and contact a dog. I said definitely not, because I didn't think I could do it. The lady was adamant that I should try.

In trepidation I went to her house and on tuning in I saw, felt the emotions of and heard a lovely Dulux type dog saying to me to pass on to the lady that he was really sorry that he had dribbled such a lot near the end. And to thank her for putting a ramp into the back garden from the sitting room French window. He said it really helped.He also said he didn't like one of his collars because it was itchy. But he was fine and could keep an eye on the two dogs he met on the corner every day.

I knew none of this beforehand and every single point was confirmed. Wow, it certainly let me see another side of spiritual contact and it felt amazing. 

My conviction.

Since that night I heard my mum talking – I am absolutely convinced of life after death and communication between the two worlds also reincarnation (I can remember three of mine) and this knowledge has in fact changed my whole outlook on life. 

It doesn’t matter if you believe in life after death or not, but if you are interested at all – pop along to your local church – it just might change your life too.

Carole Glasgow

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