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I want people to hear my point of view through the listen to me forum.


  • Do you ever have the feeling that you are ignored?
  • Which aspects of modern life do you find irritating or intolerable?
  • Do you have something important to say but no one listens?

 We want to change that and help you get your voice heard. Get involved in the listen to me forum and we will spread the word!

Survey result.

Nearly 8 out of 10 over-60s think older people are ignored by society, according to a new survey conducted by Age UK. They asked more than 1,000 people aged 60 plus how they thought older people were treated.

Some 78% said "ignored" and 80% said older people's voices were not heard as much as younger people's.

Almost two-thirds (64%) said they believed working people had a greater voice than those who were retired.

However the survey also found 95% of those questioned thought getting older should be a time of enjoyment and celebration.

Fact or fiction.

  • Is it true that we are not being heard?
  • Who isn’t listening who used to listen?
  • Is it that we need position or status to be heard?
  • What does our years of experience count for?
  • We want to be heard - so we ask others to listen to me. 

Youth culture.

When did we stop being valued? It used to be that older people were looked up to and respected, now in many cultures they are seen as irrelevant.

 When did our politicians decide that they had to focus on the young to the detriment of anyone older? More adults over the age of 50 votes than those under 25.

The media also panders to the young, in newspapers and TV. Over 50’s read more newspapers and spend more time watching TV yet they have to watch a disproportionate about of dummed down programmes.

But is it all changing now?

In recent months the emphasis has been changing. The media seems to be focusing more on 50+ as a market that they suddenly seem to have become aware of. I don't think our generation will sit back and accept our life is over. Read Virginia Ironside's article on Growing old disgracefully she very much wants the world to 'listen to me'. 

The head of a cinema chain recently said that films had to be aimed at the young as older people didn’t go to the cinema. We go, when there is anything of quality or fun that we would enjoy.

Contrary to this report the film industry is seeing the potential and box office hits such as The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Quartet are two examples where wonderful actors draw in an audience of all ages.

Powerful consumers.

Although our disposable income may have diminished due to the financial crisis of the past few years we are still powerful purchasers and consumers.

 We want to be heard and we think there’s a need for a sounding board – somewhere we can all have our say and hopefully get some feedback from other like-minded souls. We plan to take surveys that will be published and promoted through conventional media.

That is not to say we won’t have very different voices and opinions but for such a large and diverse group with huge power – we need our voice to be clearly heard, our views appreciated and a change in current media thinking which is so youth orientated that it appears we don’t even exist.

We can’t promise we’ll change the world [at least, not yet] but sometimes it simply helps to know you’re not the only one thinking that certain thought.

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What makes you grumpy?

What makes you irritated with life today?
What was better and worse in the 'good old days'?
Tell us what you think

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