Love relationship quiz

Do you feel your relationship has become boring?

Have either or both of you slipped into indifference and dissatisfaction?

Do you feel you are no longer appreciated?

Have your differences become greater than when you first got together?

Has the romance gone?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above you might like to try the love relationship quiz below and assess what you might do to improve your relationships into something more fulfilling and fun.

If I was counselling I would ask a client and their partner to each complete the love relationship quiz separately then come together to discuss the results.

Often simply talking to each other can be enough to create a new understanding and strengthen what was once a fulfilling relationship.

Or in some instances clarify that the differences are too great to close and find another way forward either together or apart.

Love relationship quiz

  1. What do you appreciate about your partner?
  2. How often do you tell your partner what you appreciate about them?
  3. How often does your partner tell you something they appreciate about you?
  4. What actions do you take to show your partner that you cherish them?
  5. What actions has your partner taken in the past week to show that they cherish you?
  6. How easy do you find it to criticise your partner?
  7. How do you think it makes them feel?
  8. How do they react?
  9. How often does your partner criticise you?
  10. How does it make you feel?
  11. How do you react?

Viva la difference

What can seem trivial differences at the beginning of a relationship can turn to irritation as the relationship matures. In the first flush of love it is easy to overlook the untidiness, lack of punctuality, meanness or forceful personality. Love and relationships change as time goes by.

Character differences are how we see the world. Neither right or wrong, just different. Understanding and appreciating the other person’s character can change irritation into understanding.

  1. What habits does your partner have that really irritate you?
  2. How do you react when this happens?
  3. Do you ever tell them how you feel?
  4. If yes, how do they react?
  5. What could you do to alleviate the impact of this irritation?
  6. If you each made a comprehensive list what compromises would you each be willing to make?

After doing the love relationship quiz consider how you can practice listened to each other’s feelings and beliefs about why they act or think in the way that they do. And just because their justification may not make sense to you it is important that you value and support them.

We are all made up of the history of our past experiences and these lead us to behave in the way we do in different situations. In love and relationships it is important to be willing to compromise and hope that your partner will do the same.

Quality time

At the start of a new relationship there is a need and a wish to spend quality time together. There seems to be so much to say and so much to learn about your partner.

As time passes we let more people and activities into our lives sometimes to the detriment of our relationship. The romantic walks stop, conversation is limited and takes place over the sound of the TV. Our hobbies if not something shared take up more time.

A long term relationship requires adjustment to meet each other’s needs. If one partner enjoys space away from the other and this is not reciprocated it makes the other person feel less wanted and valued. Relationships can fade if too much time is spent apart.

Quality time might be that walk in the park, candle lit dinner without the TV – a time to talk and listen as you used to do.

  • How much time per week do you spent exclusively for the two of you without interruptions?
  • Is this enough time together?
  • How much time would you like to spend together?
  • Can you make this a reality?

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Love relationship is a major part of our quality of life and it is worth cherishing. However relationships don't always work and sometimes it is necessary to move on and release the other person and find happiness in a new relationship.Link to falling in love, mature dating or second marriage success

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