Men keep secrets better than women

by Graham Schumann
(New York State)

I don´t often confide in my male friends but I know when I do do that it won´t go any further. There might be some jokes told that almost gives my confidence away when we are with friends and a few drinks have been taken.

I know I can keep a secret, and many women friends tell me things in confidence which I respect and don´t repeat.

Women on the other hand seem incapable of keeping a secret for more than 5 minutes. Of course they only tell one person - having been sworn to secrecy, but that one person is enough. The friend will sutally tell me that they know but won´t tell anyone else. Don´t you believe it!

The best advice is tell no one or if you have to then go to your priest, they have taken an oath and hopefully they will keep your secret safe.

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