Midlife makeover

The impact of colour on health and mood was very evident when Nigel and Sandy had their midlife makeover, courtesy of Lorraine Majdi of Style Personal Image Consultants.

Lorraine explains what she does: ‘there is something very satisfying about being a personal style consultant, probably due to the change in people’s confidence after a consultation and their pleasure at the outcome.

‘I have been in retail for 34 years. I was Manager at Jean Jeanie in Edinburgh and when it was taken over by an Italian menswear chain I remained, and spent the next 12 years dressing men. I have also worked for a large department store. I was looking forward to doing a midlife makeover for Sandy and Nigel’’

How it came about.

Tessa  contacted the Maggie’s Centre in Edinburgh to see if there might be a couple of people who would enjoy a midlife makeover. We had two volunteers.

Nigel's makeover.

The first to have a midlife makeover was Nigel , a cancer survivor, he arrived wearing black clothes. He explained that his normal mode of dress is tee shirt and jeans with trainers.

Over the course of an hour he was styled with blue jeans, a purple tee shirt with a brightly coloured checked shirt on top – and a pair of tan shoes that he absolutely loved. Different combinations were tried on and ‘the new look’ took shape.


How I felt after my midlife makeover

Nigel admitted ‘I feel different wearing these bright colours and it makes me want to have more pride in my appearance. The bright colours make me feel so much better on the outside – so I have been able to forget what has been going on inside.’

After his midlife makeover Nigel commented ‘ I feel like a changed person since I came in, I want to smile all the time and I feel a real change in my confidence. I want to keep this up and not let go of the feeling.’


Sandy's make over

Sandy, also a cancer survivor had been introduced to Maggie’s in January after 20 years in and out of hospital with cancer. In her mid 50’s, she arrived for her midlife makeover and after meeting the makeover team was immediately whisked away for a make-up transformation with Denise at Lancôme. She then returned looking very glamorous with her new look.


Then Lorraine took over and introduced Sandy to a whole new style with cropped trousers, soft flowing blouse, cardigan and beautiful scarf, finishing the outfit off with  high heels which made Sandy considerably taller than her 5ft 2in.

With her infectious humour Sandy kept us laughing throughout her makeover, and said ‘I have had a fab day, everyone has been so lovely and kind. It has been great fun and I feel fabulous.’

How a makeover would work

Lorraine explains ‘I can come into your home and restyle you after looking through your wardrobe and discussing what should stay and what should go. We can use a tailor to rejig some clothes and we usually end up with at least one black bag to go to the charity shop. One client only wore black and grey – some things still had the labels on. We filled 18 black bags. Now I see her all the time.

 ‘For more mature people I never dress them older than they are. With high fashion I would suggest they use accessories such as belts, bags or jewellery. But sometimes people who are 50+ come looking much older than their age – or far too young. I put myself in their shoes I’m 54.

‘Women should have a capsule wardrobe that works and I show her how to dress, from underwear- including bras, body control and slips- up to the finished article. An outfit for every day of the month, all mixing with matching accessories

‘People come back to see me time after time. Often wives ask me to see their husband, as he doesn’t listen to them – but if I say something they take note and do it.

‘I have found men like being dressed by women. I had one man in his late 50’s,  not very tall, slim build and single. A friend of his who is a regular client said could I see him. He lived in 12 red fleeces and just stuck to them. He went away with a leather jacket and Denham jeans. I taught him how to dress and he became a completely different man. I want my clients to feel that others think he/she knows what they are about.

‘Accessories are the hardest thing for people to choose, jewellery, belts, fab handbags and not necessarily expensive.

‘I have had such pleasure helping Nigel and Sandy with their new style and I hope they continue to enjoy it.

Claire Watson kindly volunteered to do the photography for the session. Contact Claire Watson Photography tel 0044 131 776 309 2221 or Link to www.clairewatson.co.uk

Contact Lorraine Majdi, Style Personal Image Consultants Telephone 07816 224 732 or email majstyle4u@yahoo.com


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