One minute stress buster

Give this tried and tested one minute stress buster a go.

Before you start you might like to link to the stress detector and release stress pages.

This one minute stress buster can be done just before a stressful situation such as giving a presentation or going into a difficult situation. 

Find a quiet space. If you are at work this might even be in the loo. Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor. 

Take a slow deep breath and relax. 

With each in breath breathe in the colour which you require, and with each out breath breathe out all negativity. 

If you find it hard to imagine a colour imagine something tangible in that colour,

With each in breath fill your body from your toes to the top of your head with that colour, then imagine it overflowing all around you, encasing you in its vibrant energy. 


As you become used to breathing in colour, you can repeat the affirmation which goes with it - see the list below.

With practice with this one minute stress buster you will be able to take fewer longer deeper breathes. 

What colour do you need to breathe in?

Base chakra - red, ( use pink if you have a problem with your heart). Breath in the warm and stimulating colour which is full of energy, and is uplifting if feeling tired  or in need of energy.

Affirmation ‘I feel the warm red  coursing though my bloodstream giving me the courage to do what I have to do.’

Sacral Chakra - orange, which gives vitality and a feeling of security and well being, freeing emotional blocks.

Affirmation ‘Orange flows into me bringing energy and vitality, and makes me feel joyful.

Solar plexus - yellow. helps strengthen this area which frequently gets attacked.  It is an excellent colour for helping those feeling lonely or depressed.

Affirmation ‘The golden yellow surrounds me is sunshine, and I feel filled with understanding and love.

Heart - green is a great balancing colour, which helps to bring harmony and peace 

Affirmation ‘vibrant green flows over me, and fills me with a feeling of calm and well being.’

Throat -  blue  is cooling and soothing, and healing for the entire body

Affirmation  ‘blue calms and cures the mind body and spirit.’

Brow - Indigo works on our intuition and knowledge.

Affirmation ’indigo connects me with wisdom and perception.’

Crown - violet works with the highest purist energy, and removes anything which is damaging

Affirmation ‘violet purifies me and brings increased life force.’


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