Plan for success

What's next?

Now you are ready to plan for success. Having done the skills and talent audit you can start thinking about using your skills and who might benefit from them.

This is where you need to clarify what you want to do. Full time or part time paid employment? Start a business or become a consultant; unpaid work, or a mixture of paid and unpaid or using your skills and knowledge for the benefit of others. Only you can decide, bearing in mind your financial situation and life commitments. It needs to be your plan for success

Once you have made this decision you can then start researching potential employers or organisations who could be using your skills. Having a plan for success will enable you to quickly put together a document which summarises what you can do and how you could benefit the organisation you are targeting.

Suitability and motivation

Would this job or activity work for me?

If you have identified a potential job or activity then work through these questions to help you decide if it really is right for you. Remember you are going to plan for success.

Suitability - Personal attributes

  1. What does this job or activity involve?
  2. What will be expected of me?
  3. Have I done anything like it before?
  4. What qualifications or experience are they looking for? Do I have them?
  5. Do I have other qualifications or experience which might be an advantage?
  6. What skills are they looking for? Do I have them?
  7. Do I have other skills which might be useful?
  8. If not, could I learn them?
  9. What qualities or attitudes are they looking for? Do I have them?
  10. Do I have other attributes which might be useful?
  11. How can I demonstrate these qualities or attitudes?

About the job or role – paid or unpaid

  1. How much responsibility would I have?
  2. Would I be managing other people? If so, how many and what are their roles?
  3. Would I want that level of responsibility now?
  4. How will I get over any age barrier?
  5. If there is a salary, is this within the salary range I think I need?
  6. Where is the job located?
  7. What sort of journey would I have? Longer or more difficult than at present?
  8. Would the fares cost significantly more money?


  1. Why am I applying for this particular job or activity?
  2. How will this balance with my new lifestyle?
  3. Will this job interfere with me taking longer holidays?
  4. Do I want the responsibility?
  5. What can I contribute?
  6. Why this particular company or organisation?
  7. How will this fit in with my personal and/or family commitments.
  8. Why do I think I can do the job or role better than the other candidates?
  9. Can I think of someone who could give me a reference?

Thanks for staying with us to the end of the article. Hopefully it has helped you to clarify some thoughts about yourself and what you have to offer and to plan for success. 

Tony Bray

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