Protection from negativity

Do you ever come across people who are negative, manipulative or aggressive and make you feel emotionally attacked?

Read on for a technique to help give you protection from negativity

Learned behaviour

Have you ever noticed a young child when they are having a tantrum? They lie on the floor kicking their heels and screaming.

If the adults around them try to find ways of stopping the tantrum by talking to the child, giving them attention and promising treats to get them to calm down that child learns that a tantrum is a good way of getting what they want.

On the other hand if the child is having a tantrum and the adults around completely ignore them, the child may scream louder while surreptitiously glancing around to see who is watching, but finding no reaction calms down. That child learns that you don’t get your own way by screaming.

These learned behaviours are taken into adulthood. The tantrum may have changed to aggressive behaviour, cutting remarks and making others feel less valued. This is often because they have a feeling of inadequacy about themselves. Their reward is a feeling of power, of having won.

Impact of negative behaviour

Do you ever find after a conversation with someone who is negative or aggressive that you feel physically drained? This could be a parent, partner, boss or someone you call a friend. If so you meed to find protection from negativity.

While we feel drained the other person is, subconsciously, enjoying a feeling of power and energy – which they have drawn from us. These individuals often become attracted to people with whom they can have this power relationship rather than people who calmly listen to what they are saying and don’t react to it.At time like this we need protection from negativity.

Before we become too complacent we have to acknowledge that most of us, on occasion, can be on the other side of this situation.

Aura protection

We all have auras – energy fields that surround us. These fields can be seen by using Kirlian photography.

Experiments have been undertaken showing two people, both feeling happy, each with a large positive aura, meet to have a positive conversation. The photography shows their auras mingle, and then when they part their auras are as large or larger than they were before.

protect your energy

Next we see a similar situation but when the two people meet one is aggressive, bullying or manipulative. When this conversation is over and the two people walk away the person who has been manipulative has a greatly enhanced aura and the other person has almost nothing. That person has been drained of their energy.

We have all felt like this at some time after a difficult conversation and this is when we need to find a way of having protection from negativity.

Mind and body link.

To illustrate how much our thoughts and body are linked try the following experiment with a friend.

Ask them to stand beside you, close their eyes and think about something that makes them feel very positive and happy.

Then ask them to raise one arm to their side at shoulder height and hold it firm.

You then test the strength of their arm with a gentle press.

The arm should be strong.

Ask the person to lower their arm and thing about something negative, something that makes them feel upset or angry.

Ask them to close their eyes as they do this.

Then ask them to put their arm up again and test. Usually the arm will be much weaker or they fight harder to keep it strong.

Then reverse the process and you take a turn.

This experiment illustrates how much our body is affected by what we are thinking.

Visualisation technique

As your mind has allowed your body to take the impact of negative behaviour so your mind can give you protection from negativity.

You can do this by using your imagination to protect your aura.

Close your eyes and imagine something completely surrounding you..... totally protecting you from all negativity. It might be a bubble, a white light, a cloak; some people imagine a suit of armour or even a hug from their mum.

Think about your protection with all your senses. Picture it if you can, describe it to yourself, imagine what it feels like and how you feel inside it. Put all your energy into thinking how safe and protected you feel. You should be feeling this protection more and more strongly. While feeling this strong sensation of protection press your thumb and forefinger together. Press hard. Feeling the protection and press your thumb and forefinger again. This reinforces the feeling.

This protection from negativity is something that you can put on – like a uniform, visualising it before every occasion which might be challenging, and reinforcing it if necessary throughout the day. Press your thumb and forefinger together as you start the new visualisation. With practice pressing the thumb and forefinger will be all that is required for your protection to wrap around you.

When you’re cloaked in your protection and you are in a conversation with that difficult person you can imagine and feel that the impact of their words and behaviour hits your protection and bounces back at them, but doesn’t get through to you. You can say to yourself ‘this person has a problem, it’s their problem, not my problem.’

This does take practice but it is a very powerful tool.

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