Release stress

Release stress through colour

Complete the stress detector before moving on to this page.

Now check which Chakras appeared vulnerable, and in need of help by being able to release stress through colour.

Look at the following list and it will explain in more detail which aspect each chakra may represent. Stress, fear or anxiety can all have an impact on the body. The impact can be either a  physical or emotional one.

We will then look at ways of strengthening the vulnerable areas and you will become able to use a technique to release stress through colour.

The Chakras - their colour and function.

Red – Base Chakra - Associated with physical energy, self-preservation, being grounded - “base instinct”.  This chakra helps us live on physical plane.

Orange - Sacral Chakra -  Associated with vitality, emotion, sexuality, repression, inhibitions, negativity.

Yellow - Solar Plexus - Associated with power, ambition, mental exhaustion and nervous dysfunction.  Seat of fire, governs warmth of nature, joy, jovial. If a strong centre it governs how we see things.  Centre of mental energy, “see through things”.  If strong, all colours around are very bright, life around us is joyous.  If it is drained, life is dull and dreary. 

Green – Heart Chakra - Spirit of evolution, mobility, gentleness, lightness, sense of touch.  Talk about friends “In touch, out of touch”.  Surplus of energy can be over sympathetic.  Over anxious, 

Blue – Throat Chakra - Associated with communication, expression. The spoken word. If it is weak it may be because we are not saying what we wish to say, we are repressing out thoughts. 

Indigo  - Brow Chakra (Third eye) Associated with being the centre of psychic power, intuition.  Meditation can help us to gain control.   

Violet  - Crown Chakra - Associated with enlightenment, spirituality, flow of wisdom.

You have now discovered the area or areas which are weak and in need of support in order to release stress.

How colour impacts on us

Colour has an impact on us in ways we are only subconsciously aware of. 

When I am running workshops I ask delegates to walk in a circle around the room thinking of dull grey. As they walk I watch their body language. They walk slowly with shoulders hunched and heads down. When I ask them to stop they stand quietly, not animated in any way. 

If I then ask them to walk thinking of orange, I can see the change in their stature, and the increased speed in their steps. When I ask them to stop they stand chatting loudly and laughing, full of energy.

I ask them to think of dark blue and they walk calmly and confidently, and when we stop there is little chatter, more a quiet assured stillness. I have found over the years that visualising colour can change the mood of an individual or of a group. In the same way the colours we live with in our homes and workplace can have an impact on how we feel.

Improve positive energy flow to stress areas.

 There are a number of ways in which you can improve the flow of energy to areas which are vulnerable, and as a result feel more confident, stronger, and more in control and release stress.

When you recognize the colour which is associated with your areas of vulnerability it is useful to try to bring more of that colour into your life.

If you want to release stress through colour try the following:

  1. wearing something in that colour - if you have to wear a uniform wear the colour underneath
  2. have that colour in your home
  3. eat food of the colour you need
  4. try colour breathing  - link to one minute stress buster

You may already be doing some of these things subconsciously. try the one minute stress buster. This can be done then followed by rerunning the stress and energy detection. 

Examples of how this has worked

Many people who have been on my workshops have realized they have been attracted to the colour they need. One woman whose area of weakness was the Sacral Centre, where the colour was orange, had recently redecorated her hallway in orange, although it was not a colour she particularly liked. Also during the workshop she had been choosing to eat orange fruit. Her emotional problem was related to a personal relationship. She was also physically having problems in that area.

One man on one course kept choosing green jelly beans from the jars on the tables. Everyone made a joke of the fact he searched for them in each jar. He was also wearing a green tie. The heart area was where he had weakness. Emotionally at the time his small child was in hospital having an operation on his heart. Small wonder he felt his heart chakra was being strained.

A young woman who found that she was attracted to yellow, was wearing a yellow scarf, eating yellow fruit, and had recently bought yellow cushions for her home. Her weak area was her solar plexus, and she was feeling very demoralized at work where she had a boss who was constantly criticizing her, and she was losing  her confidence.

A very quiet older man found that his area of weakness was his throat. He acknowledged that he was very unhappy about the state of his marriage, and desperately wanted to talk to his wife about how he felt, but he was afraid of the consequences so kept silent. He had suffered a number of problems with his throat, and was constantly have to take medication to relieve it. He was wearing a bright blue tie!

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