Releasing negative thoughts

Does the same thought recur regularly?

Do you ever have negative thoughts?

Does it help you to continually go over that situation in your mind?

Would it be useful to release the anxiety?

If we give energy to a negative thought we empower it with a life of its own. so releasing negative thoughts can free you and help you feel more positive.

Repetitive messages.

Most of us encounter nagging negative thoughts, about what we could have done, what we should have said, or shouldn't.

Worries which we know we can’t find a solution to. Thoughts to do with work, relationships, money, power, fear. Negative thoughts that may have recurred as far back as childhood or as recently as last week.

Repetitive messages in our brain which pop up whenever we give them space - while driving; relaxed; trying to sleep. These thoughts take away our physical energy, and block our positive motivation and purpose.


Delete that thought.

How would it feel to delete these recurrent thoughts and worries?

There is a technique which, with practice, I have found to be effective with many clients in releasing negative thoughts.

Find a quiet space to do this exercise or it might be in bed last thing at night - or when you wake during the night.


There are two different visualizations you can try. For some people it is easy to visualize pictures especially if they are of something tangible. For others you may have to talk your way through the exercise or even feel the situation.

Your brain is a computer       

Imagine, in whatever way you imagine, either visually, verbally - talking through the steps, or kinesthetically through feeling, that your brain is a computer

When a negative or stressful thought comes into your head, imagine placing it at the front of your computer screen. Drain all  colour from the screen leaving the image in black and white.

Go through the process of deleting the file.

Take your time doing this, the longer the process the better the result. You want to visualize yourself removing these negative thoughts files not just from your folder but from your recycle bin also.

 Imagine your computer is going very slowly and taking time to delete.

When you are releasing negative thoughts you may find that you have a number of copies of the negative thoughts file, and that they pop up again. That is to be expected and you have to be persistent, simply delete each one as it appears. Rather like when you get a bug in the system and lots of the same file pops up?  As you delete the file in your mind release the feeling that went with the negative thoughts.

Then open a new file to replace it this time a happy, positive file. See yourself doing something you love, feeling confident and happy. Somewhere you feel safe. Fill the screen with colour, make it as bright and clear as you can, use your touch pad to make the screen bigger and bigger. Put positive words onto the page and repeat them until you feel their power.


The paper bag

This method of releasing negative thoughts I find works well, especially in the middle of the night when the niggling negative thoughts keep coming back and stopping you sleeping.

 Imagine putting the negative thoughts into a paper bag. squeeze the top of the bag closed.

Carry the bag into a tall block of flats.

The more unpleasant and run down the building the better.

Imagine the smells.

Begin to climb the stairs to the top. The more floors and the longer it takes, the better.

Perhaps there is graffiti on the walls as you climb up flight after flight.

When you reach the top, open a window and throw the bag out.

Walk down the stairs again.

 If the thought returns - and negative thoughts can be very persistent - repeat the process. Usually, by about the fifth attempt the brain recognises the thought, immediately relates it to climbing the stairs, and resists the temptation. The thought is then gone.

You may have to persevere with these techniques to begin with but gradually over time your brain will begin to recognize the deletion exercise and you will be able to release negative thoughts more and more easily.


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