Scottish Country Dancing

Are you thinking of taking up a new hobby?

Do you want to improve your fitness?

Do you enjoy dancing?

Would you like to improve your social life?

Love dancing but don’t have a partner (or one interested in dancing?)

Would you like to holiday with a group of like minded people?

All this can be yours through Scottish Country Dancing.

Scottish Country Dancing

Heather's story.

I have found that Scottish Country Dancing has been one of the best social activities I have ever been involved in. I have danced for many years however when I retired and had more time I became even more heavily involved.

It has kept me extremely fit, I have made friends all over the world, travelling abroad on lots of dancing holidays and generally it has become one of the mainstays of my life.

No need for a partner.

One of the benefits over ballroom dancing is that you don’t need a partner. Male or female you are very welcome.

At the AGM of RSCDS, the governing body, last year in Aberdeen over 700 people attended from all over the world.

Typical three night break.

A 3 night weekend event, in various hotels around the country typically would include teaching on two mornings then a Dinner dance at night. So there is  time for other things as well.

Keeps your brain active too.

Scottish Country dancing is also very good for cognitive development. We are learning new steps and have to remember where we are going next when dancing with a number of other people.

Scottish Country dancing is something that used to be taught is schools when we were young but sadly this was dropped. The Scottish government is encouraging its reintroduction into schools. In Aberdeen there is a good university group and the youngest is a primary school group from Airyhall School.

 Dancing holidays.

Dancing holidays are organised all over the world by the bands. The dancing holidays are great fun; many people go with their partners who are not dancers. We don’t dance all the time, perhaps three morning classes and dancing on some evenings over a one week holiday. There are activities for the non-dancing partner as well, so everyone can enjoy themselves.

There are 150 people going on the week long holiday to Lanzarote this January. In March we go to Fuerta Ventura for two weeks with four nights dancing.

There are groups all over the world so wherever you are you won’t be too far away from one. You can start by going to classes then work your way up – depending how seriously you want to take it. Just don’t join a serious group as a novice or this might put you off a bit. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Heather, Aberdeen


Dance around the world.

With Branches and groups on every continent, the world is your oyster! Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can come along and be part of our worldwide community. There is a wealth of classes at all levels as well as workshops, social dances and special events exclusively for our members.

 For more information please go to RSCDS Dance Scotland or phone 0131 225 3854.


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