Second marriage

Do you think it is too late for a second marriage? 

It’s never too late when we are given another chance with the start of each new day.  Today is your new beginning to start over; to begin anew and to choose a happy life that is full of endless opportunities.  Go ahead and embrace life and evaluate all that you have accomplished and all the dreams that you have yet to fulfill. 

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You may be in the second half of your life, perhaps you’re thinking of retiring or are retired, whatever the circumstances may be; with the start of each new day you are given a chance to continue to contribute to this great life.  It is great because we are empowered to excel; to continue to better ourselves and help others. There is such greatness that exists in all of us, and it doesn't matter that we are in our mid-life, we can still offer so much, too so many. 

It is the experience that we have gained up to this point that makes us invaluable. We are an abundant source of information that others can tap into and gain insight about the way life should be lived. We need to remember our place in life’s hierarchy. We are on top of our game. We have led a good life, which we have attained through all our hard work in our personal and professional endeavours. 

We've made it up to this point haven’t we?  So we have done more of our share of good, which inevitability has triumph over all the mistakes, our tumbles and falls. We have worked hard, achieved many things, loved, raise children, experience the loss of money or lack of, perhaps dealt with illness, suffered a loss of a spouse or even gone through a divorce. Yet we survived. 

A second chance at love

So for those that may have some doubts about a second marriage, you can think of it as a second chance at love.  It’s another opportunity to share all of who you are, your very best, your hopes, dreams and aspirations with someone who will also love you. 

We still have so much to offer someone else. Remarriage is not so far fetched.  Sometimes a second marriage can go through its own painful process before it matures, but together you will overcome them and enjoy the benefits of a second marriage. 

You will both be united in love. Love is something that we cannot or should not live without.  It is the major component that comprises our soul, the essence of who we are. It is our nature to love.  It is what makes us human. 

At this point of our life, our new companion can further add to the quality of life we have.  Together you can nurture dreams, strive to accomplish them, make a difference, and share in the beauty that life itself can provide. 

The common element of love is care, but responsibility, respect, knowledge and communication also go hand in hand.  The success of any marriage comes with the use of each of these elements. 

It’s important to take responsibility for all our actions, particularly those of the past, that can affect the future, and this responsibility extends to any actions taken in future relationships. 

Mutual respect means that we are fully recognizing our partner’s magnificence, as well as that of our own.  It means valuing who they are and knowing who we are, and the importance of loving yourself in order to love another. 

Knowledge of our partner’s needs and wants are also essential in a remarriage.  It is important to know how to love. Love is selfless.  It is also necessary to learn the way that our spouse needs to be loved. Once we understand their love language we can give and show them that love.  It is also being able to totally accept them for their virtues and flaws. 

Being able to communicate our feelings effectively, particularly during a misunderstanding or a problem can influence the outcome of a second marriage in a positive way. 

Once we have mastered these elements of love, we will succeed in having a happy companion and a "healthy relationship." Together you will benefit from this healthy relationship and be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually well. 

Although our health may not be as perfect as it once was, yet a marriage over 50 can help one recover from illness more quickly and successfully. 

When remarried you both have each other to care for, ensuring that the other eats well, to make doctor appointments, to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle, to maintain their health, that leads to healthier living and longevity. 

When you decide to take the next step toward remarriage, and are exchanging vows, you are committing to love, to honor and cherish the person you chose to share the rest of your life with, along with its challenges. 

A second marriage is not only the joining of two individuals, it's a joining of two families, and although they may be some differences, if you truly listen to each other, develop a family plan and support one another, then a solution can be achieved. 

With a companion we no longer need to feel the loneliness, sadness and even depression that can occur in a single lifestyle. Living expenses can be reduced when two people share in the cost of a household.  Being married can also have plenty of legal and financial benefits. Most importantly you will make decisions together about your life style which is an investment toward a flourishing future.

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