Start a new career

It’s never too late to start a new career.

The description of a career is a vocation, calling, job, occupation or livelihood. Only the last one mentions money. The others are things that can be unpaid work, volunteering or a hobby, interest or artistic endeavour.

Therefore after official retirement, or change in circumstances, it is perfectly acceptable to start a new career that involves activities other than money, although earning money is very useful, or even essential, for many people coming up to or having reached retirement age.

Who do you think you are?

When we meet new people one of the first thing that is usually asked is 'what do you do?'

What reaction have you experienced when you say 'I'm retired'. Do you sometimes get a glazed look or something along the lines: 'aren't you lucky you don't  have to get up early for work', or 'so what are your hobbies then?' or 'that's nice', as they look around for someone more interesting to talk with.

Do you ever want to shout out ‘but I have had an interesting life and I am doing lots of exciting things now. Well it's never too late to start a new career.

People ask the question to find what you may have in common or else to find out where you all stand in the pecking order.

Our identity may have been defined by our job or role in life and when that is lost it can be very difficult to work out who we are.

Identity crisis

Our identity may have been defined by our job or role in life and when that is lost it can be very difficult to work out who we are.

This situation may arise at different times in our lives. For example when I went to university as a mature student after being married at 18 and having my children in my early 20's I went though a phase of not knowing who I was any more. I had lived at home until I married so had moved from being a daughter to a wife then mother. At university no one was interested in this part of my life - and for some months I wasn't sure how to fit in.

It was around this time that the film Educating Rita came out and I could identify very strongly with the character - as did my contemporaries who were in the same educational situation.

For some this situation arises when their children leave home especially if they have worked exclusively as a home-maker. The empty nest can cause pain and a sense of loss.

If you feel happy and comfortable taking on the mantle of retirement, with its definition of departure, withdrawal and retreating then that is great, however if you enjoyed start a new career then you might want to link to finding a job to start the process.

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