Try something new

What is your dream?

When did you last try something new?

Were you successful?

If yes, then well done – you know how wonderful it makes you feel.

If no, what is stopping you?

The time is now or not at all.

If not, then when if not now, are you going to try something new?

This could be your time. If you have retired, been made redundant or are suddenly free of family commitments – this is the opportunity for you. Grab it with both hands and relish your freedom.

Change direction and fulfil those longings you have had for many years. Or deal positively with the challenges that no longer having a busy life can bring.

Sheila Hancock followed her dream and danced beautifully in Strictly Come Dancing.

It's not the size of the dream that matters

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes and are all equally important if they make you feel wonderful having achieved them. It is never too late to try something new.

We no longer see age as the barrier it once was and we have many wonderful role models to give us inspiration. Role models who are famous and those who we might not have heard of – but would like to add to our hall of fame.

It’s never too late to try something new and in fact if you are mentally and physically able then there is nothing to stop you – except fear of your limitations. Even if you don’t fully success you can feel the satisfaction of knowing you have tried.

What's your 'if only'.

  • What have you always wanted to do?
  • What actions would you need to take to make it happen?

Who is holding you back?

Trying something new often entails changing our perception of who we are because we may be challenging our beliefs and those of people around us, about our own limitations or expectations. If we don’t do it now we never will.

Who is holding you back? Sometimes this may be our own fears, or it may be the other people in our lives. While they may be thinking it’s in our own best interest that we stay as we are there can also be a hidden motivation behind it. I often found this when I was giving career counselling.


Objections from those nearest and dearest such as ‘it would be too much for you’, ‘you are not good enough to do that’, ‘you would get very stressed with all that travelling’, could often be interpreted as ‘how would I manage without you?’ ‘my routine would have to change’, or ‘if they go and do that then how will that make me look, sitting around in my comfortable life doing nothing new.’

The objections of others is not always for our benefit or well-being and perhaps this is the time to do what you want - or decide to put your dreams aside - for a quiet life.

If you feel that someone is holding you back emotionally link to release destructive relationships.

If you have enjoyed try something new you might want to link to become a volunteer

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