Union through needlework

One woman's campaign to protest against the Scottish Independence referendum.

Do you oppose  Scottish Independence?

Would you like to do something as a peaceful protest?

We are making our point with a needle and thread.

This is for those who feel unhappy about being herded like sheep into a pen towards the Referendum date in September 2014.

Without standing on a soapbox or using political language we can make our point with the point of a needle – a Union through needlework.

Thistles and roses

I am inviting people to embroider either a thistle or a rose on a 20 centimetre square of material , these squares will then be joined together alternate thistle and rose to create as large a hanging as we can between us produce.

Please don' t feel intimidated by the word "embroider" - some people are doing canvas work or appliqué work, or just outlining a drawing on linen with silk or wool . There is no element of competition involved .  As long as the thistles don't look like roses or the roses like thistles that is all that matters! 

What will happen to the squares?

The intention is to offer the hanging to the Better Together office in Musselburgh when it opens in a few weeks time. My idea is that we show it as an on going project.This will bring in more  stitchers I hope, and help to bring it to people's notice.

We hope that the hanging, when it is finally finished will be BIG. So if you want to support this idea please give me a call.

I'll keep you posted as to its progress.

If you feel interested either ring me , Marianne More Gordon - 0131 665 3316 .Email address is  mariannemoregordon@gmail.com

If you found union through needlework  interesting return to listen to me to read other people's views or give us your own opinions and bugbears.