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It's never 2 late 2...Fill in your blanks!

Hi and welcome! I’m Sheri and as you will learn through my blogs, I love to laugh and make people laugh. I grew up in the Carson City/Reno NV area and in the early 2000’s I got the hell out of dodge for greener pastures…literally….I moved to Hawaii. Since then I have travelled to Mexico, drove across the entire US in an RV, moved back to Reno, only to return back home to Hawaii and along the way, purchased 2 cabins in TN for short term rentals . During those trips I’ve met some amazing people and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly sides of life. I’m good behind a camera-never in front of one and I can write a good story, using colorful language sprinkled throughout.  I’ve created this blog with the intention of sharing some stories from my travels as well as showcasing some pretty decent pictures for imagery. I hope you enjoy and remember….it’s never 2 late 2… (Fill in your own blanks).

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