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It's Never 2 late 2.....

On April 22nd 2021 I started a new journey that I wanted to share with my friends and family. I had just remarried my husband Gene and we embarked on a 5000-mile road trip from Reno NV to Pigeon Forge TN. We packed up our little RV with personal essentials and packed a (window to window and back truck bed) rented Ford-250 with purchased items to bring to our newly acquired short-term rental cabin. Our intent was to see the country via the road and what we learned along the way is a story in itself!

We picked up the RV in San Francisco where we had it in storage and drove that little guy all the way across the US- 1 state shy of hitting the East Coast (we didn’t have time to venture all of the way). We drove in every weather scenario you can imagine and stayed in some rough RV parks along the way, but every part of this trip made for amazing memories. Those posts will be available for light reading down below in other posts.

While my goal was to share my adventures during the trip, the posts evolved into an idea for others to partake in. It’s never 2 late 2…. FILL IN YOUR OWN BLANK! If you think about that sentence- what is your- it’s never 2 late 2? Life can be short, long, boring or adventurous. It’s your choice to fill it with memories that you can look back on and remember what a bad-ass you truly are!


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