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It’s never 2 late 2…..go in search of unique golf cart accessories!

Tucked away down an alley in between the Beachcomber Waikiki and California Pizza Kitchen on Kalakaua Ave, is a hidden gem flea market. There are individually owned kiosks brimming with handmade jewelry, local woodwork, flowery Hawaiian clothing, and island crafts. (Disclaimer--These pix were taken with my editing).

This place has been doing business here for many years and is an open-air market. We had specific items in mind, and we were able to find them immediately. This place is like the swap meet at Aloha Stadium as goods start to repeat after a few booths, but the pricing is competitive amongst the shopkeepers. Also competitive is the way they attract you to their kiosks…. buyer beware! If you are not looking for constant interaction with the sellers, this may not be the place for you.

I’m not one for saying no thanks 100 times in a span of a few minutes, so after a while it’s best not to make eye contact and just look down. Other than that little discomfort, the alley had a good vibe, and we got our items for C.C. right away. Who is C.C. you ask……that’s what my mom named her new golf cart she acquired on Mother’s Day! We had to outfit him in Hawaiian style accordingly, so he got a fancy hula girl in red for the dash, and a good luck shaka monkey made from wood for the space between the fancy baskets on the inside of the roof. She be stylin’ now! (My mom).

After such good shopping karma, we decided to eat lunch at PF Chang’s. The only one left on the Island is in Waikiki and man…. They did some fancy renovations during their down-time with Covid. As usual it was great food. This was a fun excursion filled with easy traffic patterns, quick purchases, and fantastic food. We LOVE days like this one! Stay tunned for next week’s shenanigans.

This turned into a super-short blog....but the fun factor was big! We really enjoy coming to Waikiki!


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