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Reno to Rock Springs Wyo

It’s Never 2 late 2….Inform Southern Wyoming that the rest of the world has moved on to Spring!

It’s interesting to drive across the US and encounter such a varying array of weather. We left Reno NV with 70 degree weather, we packed T-shirts, shorts and slippers (flip -flops for those on the Mainland). We had a few winter items, but they were buried so deep in the RV, there was no way of getting to them until we made our first stop for the day.

Driving through Nevada

Starting to get a little cloudy

is that....rain turning into snow?

ooooo...looking a little chilly now!

Ummm...can you see in front of you?

You see…..we had a plan. 4 days to get to TN. We had to get there in time to close on our 1st cabin. We planned our drive times from Google Maps and set out, thinking that we’d make great time. We had 2353 miles to drive, so we broke those up as evenly as possible for 4 days. That averaged about 8-10 hours driving a day. Easy Peasy….WE THOUGHT! If you’re a seasoned RV’r, then you might know what our mistake was and are probably laughing your ass off right now. For those that don’t know….Google Maps use MPH to gauge the time, thinking you are on average, doing the speed limit. In an RV---toss that shit out the window and DOUBLE your drive time! After about 12 hours and our nightly stop in Rock Springs Wyo about another 3 hours to go…. We realized the gravity of our mistake. We had a deadline, so there was no turning back or extending the days on the road, we’d just had to push on. BUT…we could definitely switch up our return trip home into more manageable chunks of drive time. So, with that said….we ran the heater on full blast for most of this first leg.

When we finally made it to TN

The trip to TN took us across the entire state of NV, the top Northern part of Utah, and landed us in Wyoming. From there we went through Colorado, Kansas, a little bit of Nebraska and ended up in Missouri. (That state deserves its own post --- so keep an eye out for that one!) The end goal was Tennessee and she was just on the horizon. We’d pass through Kentucky --of course we stopped to look for the ever-elusive Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Whiskey, only to be told it will release in NOVEMBER!—then moved on through TN to our final destination. We did receive a few tips from friends along the way; one was to be aware of the way people drive in this part of the country and you gotta try the moonshine.

If you are from TN-please do not take offense to what I’m about to say—BUT You all drive like its NASCAR every day, on every road! We had drivers in their 90’s passing us like we were standing still. AND stop lights? Oh honey…those are only guidelines, same as stop signs. Within a few miles of crossing into TN- we understood and stayed in the slow lane, with our heads down! LOL……stay tuned for more shenanigans!


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