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Yellowstone…. (Not the awesome series, but the actual park)

So… it’s been said that a blog must be a certain number of words in order to rank higher in search results. The number suggested makes for an entirely long read in a world where our attention span has shortened itself by evolution. We all have so many things to deal with during the day; it’s hard to concentrate on a long blog. I have decided to make my blogs short enough to tell the story as well as create blogs where there is very little written content, but has some amazing pics! Enjoy….

The Grand Prism-One of the most photographic sites in Yellowstone

This first “Gallery Blog” was taken at Yellowstone in 2019. I had one of the Grand Prism picture made into a large canvas and gave it as a gift to a friend and it proudly hangs in his office. I ended up taking close to 700 pictures of the park, but when in the editing room, I noticed one of my lenses wasn’t focusing correctly; therefore a majority of the pictures came out fuzzy. Needless to say, I no longer use that lens!

These are some other hot springs located throughout the park. They all have their own unique colors and shapes. Some require hiking to find them and others are right off the main path.

The above group of pictures shows what the entrance from Idaho looks like and how lush and green it can be. We went in late July and the park was still quite beautiful. There was a natural hot spring that looked deceivingly like a lake you’d want to dive into, but hopefully you saw the Danger sign before jumping in!

And then there is moodier side to the park. It reminded me of what Haleakala looks like on the Island of Maui. Very other-worldly looking, almost like another planet.

And lastly…. Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam! I have never been this close to a herd of buffaloes before and to watch their migration through the valley floor, within inches of our truck, was the most surreal thing imaginable. The hear them grunt and feel the earth shake underneath as they pass by is a MUST-DO in the park. You do have to find out from other visitors where they are that day, but someone has seen them and can give you the correct information.

And lastly….Old Faithful. No Yellowstone adventure is complete without seeing this. This show has been erupting every 44 minutes to an hour since 2000. We were not disappointed!


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